1. "Creo que he visto una luz al otro lado del río"
    — Jorge Drexler

  3. "Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane."
    — MLK

  4. "Women thrive on emotions men refuse to acknowledge."
    — Talib Kweli

  10. "The city, for me, feels like it surprises you with this one moment of just incredible beauty or wit or class, and then it follows it up by doing a pratfall or something darker. The dystopia of that place is tangled up in the joy, and they come from the same place. Even going back to its origins, 25% of the population died of yellow fever. There is a very dark undercurrent to New Orleans, and it’s what makes the art of the place so intense. Would you rather have a functional school system, or would you rather have Mardi Gras, because it may be that you can’t have both. What makes New Orleans great, in one sense, also makes it problematic in another, but that’s to be examined."
    — David Simon